P90x3 workout schedule: Latest innovation from Beachbody

What P90x3 workout schedule is about?

If you’re reading this, I may think at you like at a person who needs some help with her body and has no time to go at gym. You may have heard about the p90x3 package, and you may have thought that is time for you to do something for yourself. You should start with documentation, so I’m here to explain you how the program works.P90x3 Schedule Effects

For the beginning, I will try to give you some hints about the p90x3 workout. It makes part from the fat-burning system made by Tony Horton, being the latest one. It combines the exercises from its predecessors, and the best advantage is that it takes only half-hour. How it sounds to you? All you have to do for the body shape you always wanted is to practice a half-hour per day for ninety days. Great news, isn’t it?

Improvements of P90x3 besides earlier products

If you had a busy program, a loaded job and besides these a family to grow, this program seems to be a real escape. A half-hour sounds to be very simple. You can take it in the morning, in the lunch break, in the evening, or when you just want it. You may ask yourself why p90x3? Let’s show you the difference between this and its predecessors. Bonus FeaturesFirst, we have p90x. It is made so that it can be done by anyone at any fitness level, and it can lead you at the success you want. Then, here it comes p90x2, which takes the name of ‘graduate program’. It means that you have to complete a minimum of p90x before you are doing p90x2. This program is made to extend athletic performance. What about the p90x3 workout schedule? Well, this is similar with the p90x, and it is not a graduate program, which means that you can start training with this. The big difference between p90x, p90x2 and p90x3 is that the last one takes only half-hour per day, instead of 60 minutes like the others. This is awesome, isn’t it? You have the chance to be in a good shape without wasting too much time for this, which is pretty amazing.

Routines proposed by our program

Now, let’s take a look on the p90x3 workout schedule. You have to know that this schedule offer three routine variations: classic, doubles, lean. The difference between these schedules is the combination of workouts daily, combination used for getting faster results.

The classic one is mainly for the beginners. It includes three days of resistance and three days of cardio and yoga per week. The lean routine offers two days of resistance and for four days of cardio and yoga. The doubles is nothing more than the classic one.

p90x3 evolutionIt only has more cardio in.

You must know that is recommended to start with the classic or lean, and when you get advanced to pass at the doubles. Also, it’s important to start slow and to build up, than to rush in fulfillment the ninety days. There are made in that way that you have to respect the program to get result, not to do as much as possible. You have to respect your body’s limits and do not try to rush. The schedule is broken into 3 phases. Phase 1 contains the first four weeks, phase 2 is composed of weeks 5-8, and phase 3 includes weeks 9-13.

Components of the P90x3 workout schedule

If I didn’t convinced you yet about the advantages of following the schedule of the p90x3, let me show you what the 16 DVD which come with the p90x3 workout include:

  • 3 power cross workouts: Decelator, Agility X and Triometrics
  • 4 core, balanced and flexible workouts such as pilates, yoga or isometrics
  • 6 workouts that will help you increase your muscle resistance
  • 3 cardio workouts that improves the number of calories burned: MMX, Accelerator and CVX


I sincerely think that it works, even if I didn’t try this. But, you know what? I dare you to see the reviews of the program. There are people who tried this and want to share with someone else their experience. Also, on the Beachbody forum you can find some before and after photos, which will make you believe that the words that I said here are for real.

train accelerated

The host offers you a t-shirt with the message ‘p90x3/Crushed it’ if you will send ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos, and also your review at the product. Well, there is another bonus gift offered by the team: free upgrade to express delivery. You don’t have to wait any longer, because the team sends you the product within two or three business days.

Also, you have to know that the payments for 3 months training are less than one personal training session. For 3 months training, you’ll have to pay only $59.9. The best advantage is that they guarantee your money back. It’s pretty crazy: you have to pay only you’re 100% satisfied with the results at the end of the program. I think that I convinced you with this aspect, didn’t I?

P90x3 workout schedule: The shortest path to your dream body

With this system, no more excuses for not going to gym, no more stress when you see you naked, no more, no more. It’s time for you to be in the best shape of your life. All you have to do is to buy the DVDs and to stay motivated for the ninety days, because, sadly, the majority didn’t pass the first 60.

It is hard, and maybe you won’t feel like having any result, but Tony assures you of success, even from the introduction. This is a home workout, and it has to be follow only after you realize its benefits.

In the end, you have to start by seeing the Beachbody forum, convincing yourself that this is right for you and only after these steps you have to buy the p90x3 package with the 16 DVDs and start following the schedule.

Enjoy your body health! Say ‘yes’ to the p90x3 workout schedule!